I know that every blushing bride is always seen carrying a beautiful bouquet, but have you ever wondered where the tradition originated? You’ll be surprised!

It goes all the way back to ancient Rome when garlands of flowers were worn as they were believed to be symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility.

By the Middle Ages, strong smelling herbs and spices were mixed in with the flowers, partly to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and ill health, but also to mask the unpleasant body odour of the blushing bride. Dill was prominent amongst the herbs used as it was known as the herb of lust, intended to increase sexual desire.

When we reach the Victorian age the bouquet is exclusively comprised of flowers. Indeed Queen Victoria herself carried a ‘tussie-mussie’, a tiny round clutch of flowers in a filigree holder filled with moss and orange blossom, when she was married to Prince Albert.

Today the bouquet is recognised as the bride’s ultimate accessory. The blooms she selects are a reflection of her character and personality and are an essential compliment to her gown.

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