The wonderful Flower Council of Holland website regularly nominates a Houseplant of the Month and for December they have chosen Anthurium.

Anthurium is attractive, easily looked after and will bring a unique touch of sophistication to any home. The white variety provides serenity while the red and greens are much more vibrant.

Originating in Colombia, Guatemala and the Amazon region of Brazil, in its natural state the Anthurium will be found growing in and on trees with relatively few roots, drawing nutrients from the tree. It prefers a warm spot away from bright sunlight but with high humidity.

Here are a few tips to help you care for your Anthurium:

• They prefer a light spot but not in direct sunlight
• Room temperature should be 18 to 22°C
• The soil should be kept moist but the roots should not be standing directly in water
• Regular spraying with water replicates the humidity of its natural rainforest habitat
• Remove any wilted flowers
• Providing plant food every three weeks will help the Anthurium flower for longer

Red, white and green Anthuriums provide an ideal, striking Christmas decoration. Try putting them in black, silver or gold pots or vases for maximum seasonal impact.

You can find suitable pictures on this page:



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