This month in the last of our instalments I will be looking at different types of containers for your flower arrangements and consider how you can care for them.

The obvious vessel for a floral arrangement is a vase or pot and these are perfectly fine. However, you might like to think about something a little more unusual and striking.

Recycled or upcycled containers are very popular these days and suitable items can be sourced at jumble sales, car boot sales or charity shops. As well as vases look for unusual glasses, tins or pitchers. Do ensure they are thoroughly cleaned before you put a display in them, though, as bacteria can infect your flowers.

Last month I made some suggestions for choosing and preparing your flowers. This time I’ll move on to the arrangement itself.

To start your arrangement you will need a piece of floral foam or a flower frog which serves to keep the stems of your flowers in place. Flower frogs are especially useful if your container is shallow. It keeps the stems away from the edges of the container so that they do not damage your vase. If using floral foam be sure to water the arrangement every day or two.

You next need to consider what shape your arrangement is going to take. Basically it can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal arrangements require a shallow container. For vertical arrangements ensure your flowers are at least one and a half times the height of your container.

Honestly, there seems to be a ‘Week’ for just about everything these days and the latest I have heard about is National Plants at Work Week, 2017 being the fifth year it has run.

The bad news is that we’ve just missed it – it ran earlier this month from 10th to 14th July.

The good news is that having plants at work is relevant at any time of year.

You probably haven’t heard of biophilia.  I hadn’t until I spotted a couple of articles recently.  The theory of biophilia is not new andis based around the belief that we function best when we are connected to nature.

I love nothing more than seeing a lovely collection of flowers well arranged.  Actually, I might like knowing that I have created that arrangement myself a bit more!

It really is quite straightforward to create a stunning and vibrant display to brighten up your home.  In this serialised blog I will be showing you how it can be done and providing a few tips and tricks of the trade along the way.

Choosing Your Flowers.  A key here is to take your time over your selection.  Whatever time of year it is, there will be plenty of flowers available in varying sizes, shapes and colours.

Think about what would look good with your décor.  Also consider the fragrance of your selection and look to include some greenery for contrast.

I like to keep an eye on the various floristry blogs offering advice about current trends.  In particular I have been looking at what is happening regarding wedding flowers and displays.

Here’s what’s on trend:

•    Going Green – opinion is divided as to whether this is an economic choice or an environmental one but there has certainly been an increase in the amount of greenery used in weddings.  The theme is about bringing the outside into the venue.  It can range from ferns in simple vases to trailing vines and luxurious houseplants.  

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