It’s that time of year again – the Chelsea Flower Shows runs from Monday 23rd May until Saturday 27th May and is a spectacular event on so many levels.

It is an annual horticultural exhibition organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.  First held in 1913, it features in the beautiful grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.

Garden designers and nurseries from around the world meet as they exhibit the latest gardening methods and trends.  It is not unusual for a completely new species of plant or flower to be debuted.

I love the spring and the rejuvenation of our gardens, fields and hedgerows.  

Spring is a wonderful time to get married and you have the choice of the many popular spring flowers.  Also, as they are freshly available, they won’t cost you the earth.

Here are five of our favourites for weddings at this time of year:

1.    Peony.  This is a remarkably beautiful bloom and, an all-time wedding favourite.  The sheer variety of pastel shades compliments most colour palettes.
2.    Rose.  Surely it is impossible to go wrong with such an elegant and classic flower.  Ideal for a bouquet or as a centrepiece.
3.    Calla Lilly.  A simple flower but beautiful none the less.  Try them wrapped in a ribbon to be held by the bridesmaid or bride.
4.    Tulip.  A perpetual, colourful favourite and readily adaptable for any type of service, be it rustic or modern.  
5.    Ranunculus.  Often likened to a peony but for my money a tad more stylish.

feb 17 blog

This year Mother’s Day is 26th March.  I have learnt that it takes its timing from the Christian celebration, Mothering Sunday, which traditionally falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, three weeks before Easter.

It is believed that Mothering Sunday developed in the 16th century as a day when apprentices and those in service, such as maids, footmen and the like, were given a weekend off by their masters.  It became customary for them to visit their homes and spend time with their families and especially with their mothers.

I always think Easter is a wonderful time for flowers as there are so many spring favourites coming into bloom.

Easter falls in mid-April this year, three weeks later than 2016, with Good Friday 16th and Easter Monday 19th April.  As the schools break for the period around Easter it is an ideal time to visit family and friends or to organise a celebratory meal at home.

If you are doing the visiting then why not take a colourful bunch of flowers with you as a gift.  Flowers are always welcome and a timely reminder that the better weather is with us at long last with summer just around the corner.

If you are staying at home and preparing a special meal then a floral display will be ideal for your table.

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I have no doubt that all you gentlemen have remembered that Valentine’s Day will soon be here (14th February for those who have forgotten).
I expect you already have some special plans made for your loved one but can I make a suggestion.  Why not let us arrange for your flowers to arrive via special delivery from our smart young man dressed in a tuxedo!

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